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InspiredToAction.com - Inspiration for Motherhood

InspiredToAction.com - Inspiration for Motherhood

Hosted by: Kat Lee

Full of practical wisdom and inspiring encouragement for moms. You’re a mom. You’re kind of a big deal. This podcast is for you!

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The Truth about Work Life Balance with Jessica Turner :: ITA112

How can you balance a career and family and feel satisfied and successful in both roles? What does work life balance really look like? Is it possible? These are some of the questions Jessica Turner and I discuss in...
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The Power of Proactive Parenting with Jim and Lynne Jackson :: ITA#111

Today we're chatting with Jim and Lynne Jackson about the power of proactive parenting. How we can be proactive and learn IN ADVANCE of the seasons and situations our kids go through (as much as possible) so that when...
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Seeing Grace in the Unfolding Constellation of Life and Motherhood :: Mandy Arioto :: ITA110

Do find yourself frazzled, lonely, and just generally not living a life full of joy?  You are not alone.  Mandy Arioto, the President and CEO of MOPS International (Mothers of Preschoolers), normalizes the darkness...
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Practicing Presence :: Shauna Niequist :: ITA 109

Shauna Niequist joins us today with some amazing insight on how to be more present in the areas of life that matter most. Do you find yourself filling up your days with all the things you should do, and consequently...
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Loving Your Actual Life :: Alexandra Kuykendall :: ITA108

Do you find yourself always longing for the next phase of life? This is for you... Alexandra Kuykendall joins us today with insight on how to love and relish the life you're already living. In This Episode You'll...
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Parenting in the Midst of Pain :: Christa Black Gifford :: ITA107

Do you ever feel unsure about how to handle the pain in your life?  How much should you share with your children?  What do we do with the pain?  Where is God in the midst of our pain?  Author Christa Black Gifford...
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Developing a Love of Reading in Your Kids :: Jamie Martin :: ITA106

Do you dream of your kids loving to read, but just don't know how to force that to become a reality?  Jamie Martin is with us today with insight, ideas, and resources on how to raise children that love to read and are...
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Stop Fixing Behavior and Start Building Belief :: Jim and Lynne Jackson :: ITA105

Do you ever feel like all those consequences you're doling out for bad behavior are only causing a rift in your relationship with your child?  Jim and Lynne Jackson are Parenting Coaches (can a get a "Hallelujah?!")...
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Conquering Kid Clutter with Ruth Soukup :: ITA104

Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter of "kid stuff" in your home?  Tune in to hear Ruth Soukup give us some helpful tips and ideas on living in a peaceful space. In This Episode You'll Hear... How to declutter...
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Mompreneurs: Turning Your Hobby Into a Business with Christy Wright : ITA 103

So often as moms, we put our hobbies, dreams, ideas, and skills on the back-burner.  Maybe you think no one would want what you're offering.  Or maybe the logistics of starting a business are just too...
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Fighting Insecurity :: Annie Downs :: ITA102

Annie Downs has a way with words. She is one of my (and my daughters') favorite story tellers and wisdom slingers. And as engaging as she is on paper, she may be even more so live. Today we're chatting with Annie...
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Fighting Motherhood Myths with Ruth Schwenk :: ITA101

There are so many motherhood myths out there we start to believe once we become moms. They can hold us back from living out our mission as moms. When we believe those myths about ourselves, they change how we can best...
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