Introducing the 3 Minute Morning

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  ***What is the 3 Minute Morning? The 3 Minute Morning is a…3 Minute Morning routine (shocker, I know) that includes all 3 aspects of the HelloMornings God. Plan. Move. concept. The purpose is that we would use it to build a daily foundational habit for our God Time, Plan Time and Move Time. Everyone has 3 minutes every single morning of their lives. So this routine eliminates the feeling of “no time” – a common obstacle for not spending time with God, planning or making healthy choices. If we can create the truly daily habit of the 3 Minute…

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HelloMornings Photo Challenge

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A few years ago, we had our very first HelloMornings Instagram group. Since then, we have had a few more groups start up. It is fun and inspiring to take a peek into the mornings of some of our HelloMornings sisters! If you love photos and Instagram, but still love your private Facebook group or getting the most out of 140 characters on Twitter, here’s your chance to join in on sharing your morning photos for five days. (You can always continue posting photos after the challenge is over, but the challenge is just for the next 5 days!) This is also…

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My HelloMornings Story: Julie – Believer In Christ

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I am a night owl still trying to become an early bird, which is hard to do. I first heard about HelloMornings a few years ago on WBGL Radio. I recently became a co-leader of a HelloMornings Facebook group.         What does your morning look like? I didn’t have a set wake-up time in this winter, but in the warmer weather, I go to bed about 8:00 pm and get up about 4:30 am. I was getting up early in the warmer weather and walking and then do Bible study. But in cold weather it’s comfy cozy in my jammies…

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