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The 3-Minute Morning

Dec 01, 2016

What is the 3 Minute Morning?

The 3 Minute Morning incorporates all 3 aspects of the HelloMornings "God+Plan+Move" concept. Everyone has 3 minutes every single morning of their lives. So this routine eliminates the feeling of “no time” - a common obstacle for not spending time with God, planning or making healthy choices.  

If we can create the truly daily habit of the 3 Minute Morning, we can then scale up each area as God leads us to grow. And when life hits us hard and we get sick or are traveling or even just wake up late, we can simply scale our routine back down to the 3 Minute Morning habit we’ve built and never feel like we’ve “missed a day” or “failed” at our morning routine.

The Routine

GodTime: Pray Psalm 143:8 PlanTime: Review calendar MoveTime: Drink a glass of water (It's the exact same routine - same verse, same planning action and same move time action for every day of the 30 Day Challenge. Why? Because the simpler it is, the more like likely we are to stick to it and build the habit.) When was the last time you spent time with God, planned your day and started off with a healthy action every single day for 30 days straight? While it's simple, it's going to feel like an incredibly inspiring accomplishment and it will reset your perspective on what you're capable of! ***Here is a video for a little further explanation:  

Why Only 3 Minutes?

We all have 3 minutes. Everyday. But even 3 minutes can make a powerful impact. God can take our fish and loaves and multiply them in our lives. And remember the goal isn’t to stay at 3 minutes. Build the habit for 30 days. If at some point you want to scale up, go for it. But if it starts getting hard and you feel like quitting, scale it down so that the keeping the habit is always central.

Why a 30 day challenge?

We want to help as many people as possible truly build a Jesus centered morning routine. We believe that our faith shouldn’t be limited to hearing but also doing, that’s why we are GOING BACK TO THE BASICS and making sure that we are building in the habits of God time Plan Time and Move time - so that we will not just hear Gods truth on a daily basis but have a plan to and the energy to live it out.



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