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Beyond the Halfway Point: Cultivating a Hope-Filled Mindset with Healthy Boundaries

Sep 18, 2023

This post is by Rose Ward.

Have you ever seen this t-shirt? It has a picture of a glass half-filled with liquid and two arrows pointing to it saying “fifty percent water, fifty percent air – technically, the glass is completely full!” I had not seen one until my husband decided to buy this shirt for himself; it made me smile. He is one that often sees the glass one-hundred percent full, and I am always learning from him.

It has not always been easy to tune out the negative and lean into the things I know to set my mind on, in order to build a “mindset” that can grow and move forward, that can see the glass is one-hundred percent full. Lately, I have been in the stretchy places of life, the in-between, the taking-on-of-too-much-to-think, type of deal. Sometimes I get a little off-track and forget to create boundaries properly, which in turn affects the things I set my mind on. This is what I am currently working on, and will continue. Although, to be honest, I would rather stop and simply sleep off my exhaustion for the next few months! But I won’t give up, and you don’t have to either.

Why am I talking about boundaries and mindset? Because I believe healthy boundaries lead to healthy mindsets, and that creates a lens of HOPE. Seeing life through a hopeful lens helps us have a frame of mind that is strong, resilient, moving toward Jesus, positive, loving, and boldly marching to the fruit of the spirit’s song (okay, so self-control, patience, and gentleness might not sing songs according to normal terms, but it seems to me that there just might be a melodious harmony between these essential life qualities).

If we want our mind set upon things that are lovely and good (read Philippians 4:8-9), it is essential to create healthy boundaries whether others like them or not. I know setting boundaries can be scary sometimes because those close to us may not like them and the world may scoff at them, but when it comes down to it, if our lives get completely overrun with busy-busy, there is not enough room for glory-to-glory with the Father. Yet, as long as boundaries are made prayerfully, and with the Holy Spirit, we have everything that matters in this arena.

Think about this – if the boundaries are good, and the mindset follows suit, it allows the heart to grab hold of the correct melodies and produce good fruit; this builds the hopeful lenses that we need in order to “see and hear” from a proper perspective. If we are doing these things, we are walking well in the fruit of the spirit and staying beautifully in God’s will for our lives. Isn’t it amazing how God intelligently sets things up?

A good friend once told me, “Hope is a form of belief.” This means when we have our hope glasses on, our belief strengthens, and in turn, emboldens new levels of faith within our lives. And, like my friend also said, “Belief is like a spiritual muscle, we must work it out!” We have a King who is the Author and Finisher of our faith, and He wants us to work our spiritual muscles of hope (belief), so that we can fully walk in the faith He has given us. 

Let God help you lean into hope (belief), for when you do that, strongholds will fall and the-not-so-great boundaries we have constructed will change. What a wonderful pattern God has set before us. He always gives us a way out. Always. But it starts with us! Don’t give up! Keep going! Keep developing the spiritual muscles needed to create healthy boundaries and a hopeful mindset! Spend quality time with God, and together, choose how to move forward. 

One simple thing to start moving forward is to access the peaceful and purposeful three-minute (you heard that right), three-minute morning routine developed by Kat Lee. When I feel overwhelmed, I always come back to this simple routine. It helps me put the fallen-off wheels back on the cart. This one habit puts the healthy boundaries back on track every time! 

Download it HERE for free. It’s so good! 

Focus Scripture for Today: Hebrews 11:1 / Philippians 4:8-9

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Enjoy this free printable that can help you clear the clutter from your mind, plus some artwork to help you stay on track as you work your way through setting healthy boundaries and developing a hope-filled mindset. Click HERE to download.


Rose Ward is a Developmental Editor, Writer, Creative Coach, and Functional Nutritionist whose mission is to nourish others, inspire ideas, and support creativity, healing, and faith. Rose creates educational resources for Christian Women in Ministry, Youth, and Children. You can connect with Rose by going to livingseeds.ca or find her on her personal blog  ministrymoms.org.


Photo by Michael Rosner-Hyman adapted by Rose Ward


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