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God Time in a Difficult Season 

Nov 07, 2022

This post is by Cindy Chen.


We all face difficulty from time to time, so when we’re hard pressed, how can we be prepared to keep God Time in our routine?

Difficulty is part of life, and while some may seem to have it harder than others, if it feels hard for you, it’s a hard season. There are no qualifiers, comparisons, or disclaimers necessary. 

God Time doesn’t have to be in-depth Bible study. It can be simply reciting a verse and asking our Father to provide what we need today. We turn to Him, and He promises to always be with us. That’s the beauty of the 3-Minute Morning–its simplicity is the anchor we can fall back on when life feels upside down. 

Trials have a way of throwing us into God's arms. We have to cling to the life line or be ruined–and so we keep turning to Him and His provision, His care, and His faithfulness. 

Some difficult times squeeze us by filling every minute with responsibilities and needs. That was recently my  case when my husband was hospitalized, and recovering from surgery. I was juggling our 4 kids, their schedules, his care, and my own job. It was a balancing act of constant motion, with uncertainty in the air, not knowing when he would come home or whether the reports would be good or bad. 

The key to enduring through difficulty is remembering you are not alone–God is with you. Here are a few ways:

  • Listen to the Bible. In my most recent difficult season, my God Time relied heavily on listening to the audio Bible. I could get ready for the long day while it ran. My mindset was infinitely better when I was playing scripture in the background, rather than the radio or just my own mental soundtrack. 

There are so many audio Bible apps available. The YouVersion App is free, the Dwell app is a paid subscription. Bible Gateway has dozens of audio Bibles.

  • Write scripture on notecards. Don’t knock the effectiveness of a sticky note on the side of your desk, your lock screen, or on the dash of the car. The key is not to let it just become background like that pesky “maintenance due soon” light. Keeping the word of God in your mind and on your lips will keep your heart afloat.
  • Remind yourself of words of encouragement. These “timely words” (Proverbs 15:23 NIV), bring hope and help. They may be a verse you read in scripture, an encouraging word from a friend, or a phrase from a song based in the Word, but it lit up in your heart. Go back to that and remind yourself. 

The Greek word, Kairos, means, “the right time, or opportune moment.” (New Testament Greek Lexicon) The Lord equips us at the right time with what will give us hope and peace as we walk through valleys of difficulty. Hold on to those words, verses, and phrases. You may find it is a touchstone, a word that gives courage on multiple occasions, and helps carry you through.

Difficult times require putting our whole weight on the Word of God. He is where we find our life. (John 6:68) 

No matter the circumstances of your difficult season, this is the same–God is with you. His love, care, and peace will sustain you. His grace really, truly is sufficient, and he gives exactly what you need when you extend your hand in faith for each moment. 


Cindy Chen is a writer, wife, mom (of four: preschooler to teen), and preschool teacher, who lives outside of Atlanta, GA. She spends her time cutting crusts off sandwiches, looking for matching shoes, waiting in carpool line, and learning about whatever seems interesting each week. Her favorite thing is when great theological truths of the Word are applied with grace and invigorate our seemingly insignificant daily moments. You can find her writing on @cindy.m.chen on Instagram.


Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash


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