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HM 23- Simplify Decision-Making with Allie Casazza

Aug 23, 2020



Allie Casazza teaches women to simplify their lives and clear the clutter in every aspect of their lives. She joins us to share her morning routine and a lot of practical advice for planning and decision making.  

“I’ve found it’s so much better when I have a time of quiet in the morning. It makes a profound impact on my spirit before the day starts.”

Hello Mornings Habits

  • Take 10 minutes to sit in silence before starting the day. Try using the Calm or Abide apps.
  • Morning pages journaling- stream of consciousness page, gratitude page and what you have going on in the day ahead.
  • Give yourself space to make a decision when you are planning. Ask, how is this going to serve you and your family?
  • Make an “Enough List” for what God says is enough for you in different areas in your life. 
  • Find ways to quiet the noise in your life so you have some space to make decisions.

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