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HM 34- Verse Mapping to Study Scripture with Kristy Cambron

Oct 23, 2018

For more than a decade, Kristy Cambron worked in the corporate world as a trainer and technical writer. Still, she longed for a way to serve Jesus as a part of her work and dreamed of being a novelist and author.

Kristy and her whole family went all in as she pursued the dreams God put in her heart and they surrendered and sacrificed so much for her to transition from her corporate job to become an author.

“I had two solid years of really good rejections, but I was not ready yet. I had so much learning still to do about the craft of writing. But, there was this persistent flicker of a flame on my heart that God was calling me to follow him and be a communicator. Now, five years in, I’ve learned it was never about being an author, it was about following Jesus.”

Now, after a successful start as a novelist, Kristy also teaches about verse mapping which is a way to study and research scripture to go deeper with your faith. This interest came out of her own deep need to read and understand scripture.

“I wanted to need the word of God like it was oxygen. All these big changes in my life centered on getting into the word of God and spending time with the Holy Spirit as my guide.”

Kristy provides step-by-step instructions on what you need and how to get started in verse mapping in her studies on the books of Act and Luke. She’s also written several historical fiction novels.

Five Steps to Verse Mapping:

  1. Verse: Select a verse to map
  2. Design: Write your verse in several translations and identify keywords or phrases
  3. Develop: Look up keywords and discover any underlying meanings
  4. Actions: Research and document the people, places and context referenced
  5. Outcome: Write a one- to two-sentence summary of what you learned and anchor the verse to your life

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