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I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

Aug 09, 2021

This post is by Shaina Weisgerber. 


If I could thank all the people that have helped me along the way I would, of course, thank my husband, family, my girls, friends and colleagues, but I want to thank The Academy today. 

See, a few years ago I was at a very pivotal point in my life. I could continue down the road of ministry fatigue, stress, and general life craziness alone or I could reach out. I began counseling and the Lord brought me to Hello Mornings. I read the book and began to follow all the things I could on Instagram and Facebook. I found a community of women who believed in Jesus and the power of the Gospel for their lives and knew I was welcome. I ate up all the resources I could get my hands on. The 3 Minute Morning Routine, blog posts, free printables, you name it I had printed it, read it or listened to it.

Enter in, The Academy. I was so hungry to learn, to grow, to discover ways to become healthy and stay well for the long haul. I was so ready to start fueling my life from the ground up. What I have discovered in the Academy has been so valuable to me as a woman, a wife, a mother and has encouraged me in every part of my life.

In the Academy you will find knowledge. The Academy is full of content written especially to equip and encourage you. You will find content on anything from a morning workout to writing your life mission statement. You will find lessons on habit building, meal planning, and more! I have found information on practical ways to meet with Jesus, put Him first and begin my day with Him and for Him. Knowledge is power and you will find Biblically rooted wisdom on an array of subjects. 

In the Academy you will find resources. Resources are imperative when you are learning to prioritize. We can become so overwhelmed by planners, to do lists, organizational tools, pretty spirals, journals, kits, goal planners, and so on, that we can just end up quitting altogether. Kat has compiled an amazing amount of resources that will help you put Jesus at the center of your morning, as well as practical tools to help you in  your everyday life. 

In the Academy you will find a community. I think this has to be the most important and vital thing you will experience. Whether you log on to a planning session, meet up for a coworking time, join a challenge group or a Bible study group, you will find sisters in Christ. You will find Biblical community, wise counsel and friendship. The resources, the knowledge, the tools, tips, tricks and studies are all amazing and I believe they are worth every penny in value. They are such a rich investment. 

I will tell you that being able to ask questions, reach out for prayer, grow in the Word, be challenged, be celebrated and supported all in one place is pretty priceless. I cannot tell you how much it has meant to discover community through the Hello Mornings Academy. I am so thankful. Doing life together really is the secret sauce. No one can isolate and still thrive. We need others. Being plugged into your local church is key. Adding Hello Mornings Academy is just another level of amazing discipleship, community, and learning. Come join us! 

Shaina lives in the Texas Panhandle and enjoys spending most of her time with her husband Nick and their girls Ava and Ana. She stays busy with both girls and their activities as well as helping Nick run WeisCoach, his financial coaching business. Encouraging and equipping women to thrive, not just survive, is the heart of her ministry at Sycamore and Sparrow. Find Shaina on Instagram and Facebook at Sycamore and Sparrow.

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash


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