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Let God’s Grace Reign (in Move Time)

Jan 11, 2021

This post is by Rose Ward.


This word is a challenge for many, especially for those like myself, who struggle to do simple tasks like combing my hair, putting on a pair of socks, or wrestling with repetitive movements that cause, in one short moment, an abrupt set of sleepless nights; discomfort reaching capacity over and over again. Being told to move more is not only uncomfortable, it can be downright dreadful in the heart, mind, and body for one who struggles with any type of barriers to movement--- including invisible pain; by invisible, I mean it can happen without anyone understanding or taking notice.  

Those that have ease of movement at times will say, “Just exercise more, and you will get stronger--- the soreness will wear off.” For the regular exercising of the muscles, yes, this can be true, however, when you add in anything from nerve pain to tissue issues, please know that this is not the case. No matter how many times a person with these obstacles uses the stairs, the body will not just simply adjust and suddenly not be (sore) anymore. People who have pain and discomfort usually understand what sore muscles feel like and when having to pass from one place to another, or go from one position to another (to move) can be an intense domino effect of painful days, minutes, hours.

From the moment my knees began locking up as a young child trying to run—movement seemed a great treasure constantly pursued. I would ask that if you know someone in this situation, have patience as they work through how to handle pain; that when you see them doing something in one hour that they suddenly cannot do in the next--- Know that they usually know their body and how things will affect them. They understand what overdoing it means and have likely already overdone things to the point of suffering.

Looking from the outside towards a person in this situation can bring some pretty judgmental thinking that the person (doesn’t want to do something) or that they are (not motivated). I am not saying someone in this state has an excuse for a negative attitude or anything, but it does help when judgement is laid at the feet of Jesus and grace is given. Pain cannot always be seen and understood, and asking the Lord for increased wisdom and grace in these situations is super important.

That being said, having these issues does not take one off the hook of creating a solid plan for moving. It is crucial not to become stagnant whether one is restricted or not; creating a plan to move is foundational for anyone’s health. The truth is that how we view our own, or someone else’s ability to move, can affect us and them greatly. Wisdom and grace must be used for all sides of the situation and our thoughts about movement whether it is easy for us or not, is an area that needs to be given over to God continually. Whether there are literal physical issues or a spiritual stagnation, letting God’s grace reign will move mountains in this particular area of life. It is also important to remember that the (Why me God??) attitude can cause hearts to become melancholy, therein, creating an abundance of depressive attitudes and a sinking of the heart and mind. The key is to create a plan that works for you and not begin to worry if it looks different than someone else’s. The plan God has you on will not always fit others the same way, and it is up to us to stop comparing and/or judging ourselves and other people.

When you find yourself ignoring (MOVE TIME) because of spiritual or physical difficulties, it is important to do a heart check and ask questions like this to push forward:

  1.   Have I asked God for help and what my move time should look like?
  2.   Am I leaning into the flesh instead of the Father?
  3.   How can I glorify God through this situation?

If you want some encouragement to help you move forward in this area of life, I have created a free printable, 5 Verses to help you (MOVE) forward. Remember, no matter who you are, or what you have been through--- you can MOVE forward in your health journey!  


Rose Ward is the Founder of Bloom & Reed, an online platform that develops and creates content and educational resources for Christian Women in Ministry (Writers, Speakers + Creatives) + Youth and Children. She is currently developing (WIM), a community to help Women in Ministry flourish, and working on a mission based school curriculum that is economical for homeschool families and missionary schools. Rose is a Writer, Speaker, and Artist whose Mission is to nourish others, inspire ideas, and support creativity, healing, and faith. Living life through the lens of hope, while dealing with chronic pain, Rose enjoys writing about her personal journey, the everyday details of being a homeschool Mom to four, her family’s continued health journey, and touching on subjects like understanding the heart of God, prayer, and guarding the heart of the Artist.  You can connect with Rose at @bloomandreed on Instagram or at her website www.bloomandreed.com.

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash


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