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Move Time Challenge Kit Review

Jun 06, 2022

This post is by Patty Lewis.


Searching for some familiar, yet challenging help, I came across the Move Time Challenge Kit on Hello Mornings Academy.  Unsure if I would eventually commit to it, but knowing I needed to make some choice to help me set a new goal, I left it open on my laptop.  Within a few days I had gotten an email invitation to write for the blog.  Topic:  review a challenge kit from the Hello Mornings Academy.  Yes!  Lord!  Thank You for confirming this for me and making it easier than I ever would have made it on my own. 

The kit is simple and easy to accomplish in terms of not requiring too many things of one person.  It is, however, challenging in that I had to commit to it and persevere.  I had to not be too hard on myself, but to willingly be consistent.  I can safely say, I have met the challenge and succeeded in finishing!! 

I loved doing this challenge.  It was something I committed to between myself and The Lord.  This particular challenge didn’t involve another person for accountability.  I’ve learned a lot about what worked for me and I hope what I share will be helpful.  

I decided to print off the actual page showing what is included in the Move Time Challenge Kit and made notes when I accomplished something and about my plans.  Since I had long ago discovered, with the help of Hello Mornings, that I need 9 hours of sleep/rest in the bed at night, I was able to include that in my notes.  The importance of rest is also covered in the included Energy Building 101 Video in the kit. 

Watching the video was super encouraging and helped me get a great start!  I always enjoy how simply Kat Lee makes the information she presents and how doable it feels to me during my attempts to accomplish new goals.  I really enjoyed the video which was a review of several key points for me and a fantastic refresher.

I printed the Move Time Challenge PDF, filled in the dates and began tracking my progress.  Surprisingly I stayed fairly consistent.  I only missed making notes on a few days here and there.  When I realized I had not made the notes I needed to on certain days, I went back and filled them in to the best of my memory.  I made notes in the Goals and Notes section at the bottom on how I was doing and what seemed to work best.

Here is what helped me the most:  keeping the tracking page in view and easily accessible.  When it was not in my view each day I was less consistent. 

I feel great about the results of this challenge!  I look forward to going another 30 days and seeing if I can add in a extra 8 oz of water a day and a little more rigorous exercise here and there. 

There are 4 tips I would like to offer you if you are thinking of doing this challenge: 

 1) Print the tracking page in the bright colors

2) Keep the tracking page in a very visible area you will see daily

3) Watch the Energy Building 101 Video early in your challenge

4) Make notes for yourself at least weekly on how you’re doing, what you want to accomplish, a verse you are memorizing – it makes a difference to the success of the challenge

 I encourage you to try this kit out and see how it helps you move a bit more, a bit better.  May The Lord bless your endeavors to care for the temple He has given you. 


Patty Lewis lives on the Space Coast of Florida with her Husband, Son, Mother-in-Law and two cats.  She is a homeschool Momma, loves serving other Moms and Youth in her Church and community through encouragement in practical ways and enjoys reading, gardening, Disney, anything with her family and laughing really loud.

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ on Unsplash


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