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My Favorite Plan Time Tool

Dec 21, 2020

This post is by Gianna Kordatzky.


I am a bullet journaler.

I LOVE my bullet journal. 

I may or may not have multiple bullet journals for different aspects of my life, but the main one lives in my purse.

When I first learned about bullet journals, I thought they were kind of weird.  But once I grasped the concept, I dove in and haven’t really looked back. 

What is a bullet journal? 

The bullet journal concept was created by Ryder Carroll.  He used (and still uses) it as a way to capture the thoughts and deadlines and priorities in any given day or specified timeframe. 

The concept is basic. 

A notebook and a writing utensil. I vacillate between a pencil and a pen myself. 

And that’s it. 

You take your notebook and you write down whatever is in your head.  Once it’s captured, you can move on with your day.  Then, you can come back to the notebook and use what you have captured to help make your decisions.

Why use a bullet journal?

Here are the three main reasons I appreciate using my bullet journal.

  1. My bullet journals are reflections of me.
    Some weeks, I take my time designing the pages and doodling while using lots of colors.  Usually I have the time to slap down washi tape for some color.  Other times I scratch out lines and scribbles.  I can look back in my journals and see how I was feeling just by observing the different styles I used to organize my thoughts. Also, I have created a personalized layout that I use each week. 
  2. All my information for the week is in one place.  And that place fits in my purse.
  3. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to get started.  You can try it out with whatever you have around your house. Find a notebook of any kind and something to write with you and you are set.

 I know I could do all these things in my phone, and there is even a bullet journal app.  I, however, love my physical bullet journal.  

It helps me slow down and think. 

And my phone doesn’t. 

How to bullet journal?

Mr. Ryder Carroll has a basic bullet journal set-up and system that I recommend for any first time bullet journaler.  But take it with a grain of salt.  We all have different challenges to overcome.  His system of journaling needed to work with his strengths and weaknesses.  

And that’s really the whole point.

Here’s how I use my bullet journal. (See picture above.)

Sometime over the weekend, I built out my layout. 

This includes the menu for the week and grocery list.  I also draw a mini-calendar down the side of one page as a quick reference of the week’s appointments.  Then, on that same page I create my weekly brain dump divided into two categories. 

  1. Family/Home/School/Personal 
  2. Family Fun Twin Cities (my business) 

I start by transferring any items from last week’s list that didn’t get addressed.  Then, I add to it. 

When those pages are filled, I set my bujo (what the cool kids call their bullet journals) aside until I need to capture another thought.  

The next page I use to plan my kids school week.  Since this year is the first year I am homeschooling them all, I need another quick reference page to keep us on track. 

Finally, I use a page for my daily plans.  I try to limit the number of tasks/reminders each day. I usually start with three, though usually I go over that allotment. 

As the week progresses, I scribble throughout my journal.  I take down prayer requests, quotes, song lyrics.  I write down phone numbers and doodle when I’m on a phone call. It’s holding my thoughts for me, all my information from the week.   

I give myself grace knowing that my bullet journal isn’t telling me what to do.  

My bullet journal is not my boss.  It’s my favorite plan time tool.  

Author Bio: Gianna Kordatzky was born and raised in the “Star of the North” Minnesota. Married to her college sweetheart for 21 years, she and Chris are busy raising their four kids ranging from ages 10-15.  Gianna has trusted Jesus as her Savior since she was four years old.  She runs a small online publication called Family Fun Twin Cities and homeschools her kids.  In her spare time, she likes to read, write, be creative, and listen to podcasts.


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