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My Favorite Planner Tools That Do More

Oct 10, 2022

This post is by Janine Muniz.


Around this time of year, I always get excited. No, not for PSL (the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte) or autumn but for the start of the school year! And no, it is not the reason you might think (although my three boys returning to school is a glorious thing, can I get an amen?). It’s school supply season! For a lover of all things planner, this is my time to shine. Many of the things I use for my planning (and even my quiet time) wind up being on sale. When it comes to my planner tools, I try to use things that serve two purposes. Not only does this save me money, but I make more use of the things I already own. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Highlighters: Aside from the obvious use for them, I also use them for color coding. I assign a different color to each of my boys, so I know who is doing what during the week. That way when I take a quick glance at my monthly calendar, I get a snapshot of the day and it triggers me to reference my weekly calendar. With the different types of colors, which are no longer limited to fluorescent colors, they also make appearances in my coloring books. 

Glue sticks: They’re not just for the classroom anymore. In addition to the chaotic scribbles of my daily life, I often use my planner as a scrapbook as well. Things I come across during the day: a receipt, a sticker, a note, anything attached to a memorable moment, become mementos I glue down to the page. It creates bright spots in my planner when I go back through the pages. Glue sticks are convenient for on-the-go. No mess, no fuss. 

Sticky notes: I am a permanent resident of the rabbit hole when it comes to these. They come in all kinds of sizes, colors, designs, and types. Much like highlighters they can be used for color coding. I often use them to take quick notes, information I need to keep in my planner, or to decorate. Yes, decorate. They not only adorn my planner but also my journal. Using them as stickers, I create pretty backdrops for my thoughts. Sticky notes come in distinctive designs or shapes such as donuts, animals, or galaxy themed (my current favorite) to name a few. There’s something for everyone!

Dot stickers: These tiny (or large, depending on your fancy) are a staple (no pun intended) for me. Using dot stickers gives my planner pages a clean look and assists me in color coding. I also use them for organizing research for my novel or for my quiet time. And when the circular shape becomes boring, you can use other things such as stars, flowers, hearts, whatever suits your fancy. For me, my choice of shape depends on what I’m working on. 

When it comes to the planner world, there are so many tools out there. And they are versatile to serve other creative purposes. Ideally, you want to choose what best serves you. I have listed the things that I use the most, repurposing them to fit into my planner life or in some cases, my quiet time as well.

What are your favorite planner tools? Do you use any of them for your quiet time?

Janine Muniz holds an MFA in Creative Writing and is working on her debut historical fiction novel. She has written anecdotal stories and opinion pieces on different topics when she was a writer for SNHU Odyssey, a student-run writer’s platform, and featured on Sweatpants & Coffee. Janine works with aspiring authors, walking alongside them on their writing journey. When she’s not setting her newest idea to paper, Janine is a planner enthusiast, loving all things kawaii. She lives in a full house with her three boys, two cats, and two dogs in Ronkonkoma, NY.



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