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Permission to Adjust

Sep 19, 2022

This post is by Shaina Weisgerber.

Planners, calendars, journals, goal sheets, to-do lists; these are a few of my favorite things! I really do love anything that makes me get organized, helps me see things far in advance, assists me in keeping a family of 4 all on the same page and gives me a sense of control (even if we all know I have way less of that than I wish). These tools are all so helpful and yet they are only as useful as we allow them to be. 

I have been known to let my planner stay in my purse or work bag for days. What’s the point of having a planner if it stays hidden in my purse? I have tried digital calendars on my phone and laptop, but then I write an event down on a piece of paper or in my paper journal and forget to add it to the digital calendar. I like to keep a daily check-in log in my journal, but sometimes I like my planner because there are habit trackers in it for my vitamins, water intake, and exercise. I have so many options at my fingertips it can almost be paralyzing. What works best? What will I actually use and use consistently? 

I have found that it is ok to give yourself permission to switch it up

Maybe your phone calendar is the most convenient planner for you since you are always on the run, always have your phone nearby and need a good alarm or reminder for things. The digital calendar can be shared with your spouse or teenagers so everyone knows what’s going on. Your work schedule, kids’ sports schedules, church activities and more can all be synced between family members! This could be an amazing answer for you! It may not, though! Sometimes we are in seasons of slower times which call for less planning. 

I have recently found myself in such a season. After stepping out of full-time ministry last fall, I have not been in a full-time job since. On top of no full-time job it has been a slow summer. There isn’t much for me to keep up with these days. I am thankful for that, but the planner I was using was just too much for the lack of things going on or needing to keep up with. I ended up finding a $7.00 planner at Wal-Mart, and it is just enough of a calendar and weekly planner to keep handy. No stickers, stamps, washi-tape or fun paper, although I LOVE all of that. It is just a very simple calendar, and it is just enough for now. My phone app is pretty silent these days as well. 

I am sure that in a new season I will need to adjust again. Perhaps a new job, a new season of ministry or my kids having more activities, school things or family engagements will give me reason to “upgrade” planning systems. 

Plan Time, in our Hello Mornings routine, is supposed to allow you to prayerfully plan your days so that you make the most of the time God has given you day by day. When we get so caught up in the tools of planning and organizing sometimes we can end up more frazzled than not. 

Maybe in this season you just need a notepad. One to-do list with the daily needs and activities in one place. Simple, clean and to the point. Give yourself permission to make the adjustments needed to your planning tools so that you don’t become more overwhelmed by the process of planning that the plans themselves leave you frustrated and on the verge of giving up. 

If your current planning system is not working for you, here is your permission slip to change things up. You can leave a planner or calendar in the middle of the year and pick something else. Remember you are the one that gets to choose what is working or not working for you in the season you are in. Happy Planning! 

Shaina is a Texas Panhandle girl. Her and her husband, Nick have 2 daughters. Shaina is a teacher’s aide at her daughter’s school, a floral designer, enjoys writing, reading, cooking and is currently learning to run a 5K. Helping women draw closer to Christ is the heart of her ministry, Sycamore & Sparrow! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook! You can also keep up with her at www.sycamoresparrow.Wordpress.com 

Photo by Noemí Jiménez on Unsplash




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