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Your Phone vs Your Morning Routine

Apr 06, 2020

If you use your phone as a part of your morning routine each day, it can be a major distraction. The siren call of the ever-present notifications from various apps can pull your attention away from your well-meaning use of the Bible app or music-streaming app you intended to use.
Depending on what distracts you most, we have some simple strategies to help keep technology in its place.

Opponent: Phone Distractions

Tactic #1: Make your morning routine analog. Use a real Bible. Write down or print out Psalm 143:8 for the 3-Minute Morning. Only look at your phone after you’ve finished. 

Tactic #2: Need to access worship or other apps, but want to avoid distractions? You can edit the Settings for screen time and app allowances for iPhones to limit access to apps before a certain time of day. There are various apps for Android that do this too. Simply block the apps that are most distracting until a time later in the morning.

Tactic #3: Is email a distraction in the morning? If you HAVE to check email first thing, create a short link to a special Gmail folder so that ONLY those crucial emails get your attention in the morning. But, honestly, if it’s important, they’ll call. 

Training Strategy: Pick one tactic to implement and see how it goes. If you are used to using your phone for the mornings, take one day off a week and see how it goes. We’re rooting for you!

Thanks for being the best part of Hello Mornings,

Kat Lee




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