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Seasons and Showing Up

Oct 09, 2023

This post is by Jen Shultz.


I do not know what it is about watching a storm roll through the Great Plains, but it stirs something deep within me. There is force and movement, wind and water, power and beauty. A dry cracked land soaks up this life-giving water and suddenly the collective inhabitants let out a deep sigh the heat and sun have forced us to hold in. As odd as this may sound, creating a habit of movement can refresh in a similar way. Dry bones spring to life in a connection with creating not just a healthy spirit, but a body that is healthy enough to answer the call when God decides it is time. 

This is one of the reasons for the Move prong of the HelloMornings’ God. Plan. Move. approach. Setting goals that impact our health create more than just an exercise habit. I do not know about you, but when I am locked in with my move goal, it permeates my days helping me make healthier choices throughout the day- for my body, mind, and spirit. I am more centered and there is a rhythm to my days. Instead of a chore, it becomes self care

Once I got to this point, I no longer saw exercising as an assignment. I do not approach my move time with the focus of being a certain shape or size. Instead, my focus is to be in good health to do the things the Lord has called me to do. When He says move, I want to be able to feel confident that my body will carry me to my calling. What that looks like will be different to each of us. One person’s version of exercise/ movement will not look the same as another. As a woman in her gray-haired years, my movement goals have seasons.

I have found that there are seasons of life where I might run marathons and there are seasons where drinking the appropriate amount of water and stretching are all I have to give. Both seasons and every space between are important and deserve attention (praise). If you are like me, your body that has carried you through so much- decades, children, illness, celebration, servanthood- and continues to carry you throughout your mission field today. What are you doing today that strengthens your ability to serve tomorrow? Where do you even start?

Whatever your move goals look like, having them creates a positive connection to the mind and spirit. These threads weave together a woman who is trying to be the best version of herself. Maybe you are like me and your best varies- even day to day. That is ok, just keep showing up and God will use it. I have learned that He will take my little and make it much. 

Rise up sisters. Honor the body you were given. Set your goals and even if you do not meet every goal you set, it is all forward momentum. KEEP SHOWING UP. We have Kingdom work to do and we must be prepared when we are called.  


Jen is a small town, Oklahoma girl married to a superhero. Together, they are raising a family on second chances, shiplap, and a shoestring. She is a firm believer in grace, organization, and efficiency. She finds great satisfaction in taking broken items and giving them new life, likely because that is exactly what God did for her. She over uses the word shine, exclamation points, and emojis. Jen calls her children her greatest accomplishments. A natural born encourager and armchair warrior, she is learning to redefine her mission field and make the most of each day she is given. She has recently been promoted from breast cancer warrior to breast cancer survivor. She’s chronically ill and chronically positive- not necessarily in that order. She is learning to practice perseverance over perfection and longs for the day she gets to see her grandparents and Jesus’ face. Until then, she is just looking for Grace in the Grind.

Photo by Dave on Unsplash


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