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Snooze Button vs Your Morning Routine (My favorite morning ninja trick!)

Nov 04, 2019

You have the best of intentions. You’ve set your alarm for tomorrow with time for your morning routine, but when it goes off the next morning your old enemy the snooze button strikes again.


But the snooze button doesn't have to be your enemy. In fact you can use it to HELP you have your morning routine.


It's true! Most snoozes are about 3-5 minutes - the PERFECT amount of time for your... 3-Minute Morning. Oh, yeah!

Just hit the snooze and snuggle under your covers while you pray Psalm 143:8. Pray through your schedule for the day asking God to remind you of anything important, and spend a minute doing deep breaths and preparing to get up. You could also think through a few healthy meal options for the day.

By the time the snooze goes off again, you've had an incredible morning connecting to God, stepping into your day with purpose and making space for your health. 

See? Ninja morning trick, right? You're welcome.

Opponent: The snooze button
Tactic: Use the snooze time for your morning routine
Training Strategy: The next time you have a 5-minute snooze, go through the 3-Minute Morning while you’re still in bed. It’s a total win!

Cheering you on,

Kat Lee



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