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Social Media vs Your Morning Routine

May 04, 2020

Social media is a powerful tool for connection. We use it here at Hello Mornings for our group sessions to check-in with others for accountability and discussion. 

BUT, how often have you been in this scenario? I’m going to check just one thing on Instagram/Facebook…. One hour later: Where did the time go?
It’s so easy to fall down the never ending rabbit hole of social media if we look at it before or during our morning routine. And we don’t want to sacrifice our time connecting with God for the distractions of funny videos, cat pictures and selfies. 

Opponent: Social Media Apps 

Tactic #1: Turn off your social apps’ lock screen notifications. You are less likely to get distracted if you don’t see 15 notifications from Facebook before you even unlock your phone. 

Tactic #2: Save social media for after breakfast or after a certain hour of the day. You can choose your own rules and boundaries for your time! If you’re not sure, take a moment to ask God. 

Tactic #3: Log out of apps when you aren’t using them. You won’t receive notifications and it takes longer to get re-signed into the distracting apps.

Training Strategy: Pick the social media service you are the most distracted by to tackle first. When we remove ourselves from the constant need to be connected online we free up time and space for our hearts to hear from God. 

Thanks for being the best part of Hello Mornings,

Kat Lee


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