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Tip #14: Pray for Perspective

Mar 30, 2020

There are so many factors that affect bedtime and wake time.

Boredom. Laziness. Exhaustion. Sickness. Sinful desires. Distraction. Forgetfulness. Children. Responsibilities.

It takes continual sacrifice, focus, initiative, and flexibility to create a successful early-morning routine, and it is super-easy to get discouraged when we don't have what it takes.

We must keep our "eyes on the prize" if we are to make becoming an early-riser a lifetime habit. And, we are wholly dependent on God's abundant grace to keep us going.

So, we must pray—beg for His presence in our moments—that we might make the hard choices, by His empowering Spirit.

These beautiful words from Lara Williams embody a great perspective behind our early morning efforts, and she's graciously allowed me to share them with you today.

It’s Yours. Not mine.

I wake into Your day. Not mine.
You made it and hold it.
Love it. Control it.
Working it all towards a further unfolding
of His plan.
I’m so small in the grand scheme –
me stepping around folded clothes
and creaky stairs,
not wanting to wake little ones holding their teddy bears.
While You sit enthroned in glorious splendor.
I’m so small yet so loved.
So small yet pursued from above,
by my Maker.
Pursued. And purchased.
At a high price that I wouldn’t live
under the advice of a world that’s
confused and fearful,
desperate and tearful,
weak and scornful.
But purchased with crimson that little me
would have redemption.
Set free to be a giver of love,
a pourer of grace,
a receiver of mercy,
a stander in faith.
So I sit in my morning chair.
Breathing a few moments of quiet air.
Drinking Your living water that my soul
would joyfully bear today.
It’s Yours.
Not mine.

Perspective—our point of view—alongside our view toward the end goal is incredibly important. Especially when the road becomes bumpy. It is all-too-easy to give up if we don't continually remind ourselves what this life is truly all about.

Glorifying God and enjoying His presence in our every moment.

But we will stumble, and we will forget, and we will get sick, and we will be lazy, and we will need Jesus. So when we do, let us run to our God who loves, comforts, strengthens, and empowers.

What helps you keep perspective amidst the difficulties of rising early? What role have you seen prayer play your efforts toward the end-goal?


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