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Tip #12: Celebrate Your Successes

Mar 16, 2020

 We've come a long way! Yet it is so easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged by our slow progress.

We need to celebrate every little baby step reached!

Night-owls don't become early-birds overnight, and if we are constantly looking at all we are not doing, we will never see the progress that is happening.

My kids did not begin toddling over night. It really started way back when they couldn't even keep from going cross-eyed. Each of them began to lift their little head and keep those eyeballs straight, and along the way we celebrated each and every moment. From when they learned to roll over, and when they first started pulling themselves up; then when they stood with one hand on the coffee table and the other outstretch toward me...

And we cheered loudly, clapped frantically, and hugged them tightly. It was all so exciting!

Let's celebrate!

Did you get out of bed today—even five minutes earlier? Hurrah! What about setting an alarm for bedtime? Did you heed its warning and climb into bed? Great! Did you get a little bit vulnerable and tell others about your efforts? Bravo!

Imagine the HelloMornings team jumping up and down, clapping and cheering you on! Every small step you take in your early-morning efforts is worth celebrating.

 Let's cheer each other on and celebrate our successes! Share your successes in the comments below.


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