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Extra Steps, Setbacks, and Moving Forward

Oct 30, 2023

This post is by Patty Lewis.

Our family has a little saying when we have to park farther than we might want to from where we are going.  “At least we will get our extra steps in today!”  Sometimes we even park farther away on purpose to create those “extra steps.”  This is one of the small ways we move just a little more.  My husband and son are very encouraging, with a little teasing, when they say we should park a little farther out.  They know when I get into a habit with my move time it helps if they join in a little.  Plus, it is good for them too. 

Move time is the third component to the Hello Mornings 3 minute morning (or longer if you have time) routine.   It’s awesome to be reminded that being fit and ready for the calling God has on me in my life today makes all the difference in how I can respond to Him.  When I get to the move part of my morning, I know I can accomplish it because I can do at least one simple thing that will give me energy to keep moving forward.  This simple habit building I have been cultivating for years has led to seasons when I do more moving throughout the day simply because I have started my day with movement, and I have practiced different small ways to move over time that I can utilize depending on ability and availability for that day.

Please be encouraged that every small thing you do (and every big thing you do) makes a difference.  Some small moves I have practiced over time are:

          ึŽ     Taking ten slow deep breaths (thanks to Kat Lee on Hello Mornings The Daily inside

podcast part on The Academy of Hello Mornings who reminds me I can do this when I do

the Daily Check-in)

          ึŽ     Drink a glass of water

          ึŽ     Stretching

          ึŽ     Ten Squats

          ึŽ     A short walk in the garden

There is something invaluable about having the encouragement and tools to build small habits into my life. Hello Mornings is a ministry I stumbled across years ago. Through all these years I have learned to not give up, to focus on the hope I have in Jesus Christ and to be encouraged to start again just where I am.  I’ve been gently urged to continue on in putting God first, seeking Him through prayer and His Word, as well as invite Him into how I plan my days.  I focus on  moving in a way that will care for the temple of the Spirit, my body, and give me more energy, focus and strength to accomplish His will in and through my life.  Every time I move and build on the habit, it inspires me to keep going and gives me a fresh perspective. 

Be encouraged, friends, to give it a try. 

One last word about this. As I prepared to write this blog post, I asked a friend to stop by to walk with me, wrote ideas on how to get moving and challenged myself to have a better routine of moving.  


Well, then, we got Covid. 


Well, then, following Covid, I got a stomach virus.  Pretty much all this wiped out most of my routines of daily life and all chance of really getting a fresh start on some advanced move time.  I thought having this to write would challenge me to writing more and moving more.  What I realized was, instead of building on the already simple move time, I lost all control of having a routine and now offer you this bit of encouragement:  life happens and we live it the best we can for His glory.  Sometimes, we get sick and/or our family gets sick, and we care for them.  That means we get “off track” or have to scale back, but it does not mean it is forever.  When you can’t or don’t have a morning routine for a little while, don’t believe the lie that starting over is impossible.  Just start small and keep moving forward!! 

 May The Lord bless you and keep you! 


Patty Lewis lives on the Space Coast of Florida with her Husband, Son and one cat.  She is a homeschool Momma, loves serving other Moms and Youth in her Church and community through encouragement in practical ways and enjoys reading, gardening, Disney, coffee, anything with her family and laughing really loud.

Photo by Artur ลuczka on Unsplash



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