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Productivity 101

Aug 21, 2023

This post is by Shaina Weisgerber.

I hope I am not the only one who has a hard time staying productive. I have this problem where I start one project and that sends me to the other room to get something, and then that triggers a thought and so I go back into the room I was just in and forgot that I had started something else, and so it goes. I have intentions of getting so much done on a day off, but instead, I end up right where I started.

Can you relate? Over the years I have found some simple, but successful ways to help with productivity. These have also proven to work with my girls as well. Productivity tends to be overwhelming to many, including myself. Here are a few tips and tricks I have found that work well for me: 

  1. Set a timer. Setting a timer can drastically reduce distractions, and it gives one the sense of quick success and accomplishment. If I am needing to be productive at my desk, I will set my timer on my phone. If we are working around the house, I will put on YouTube and find a timer with music that is upbeat and energetic. You can choose a time limit short enough to keep you going, but long enough to accomplish some tasks. 
  2. Take it a step at a time. My seven year old needs me to help her break big projects like cleaning her room into smaller bits. I will give her a list either on paper or verbally so that she can attack one thing at a time. Perhaps she starts with putting away all her dress up clothes and accessories and then moves onto Barbies or Magnatiles next. Each little step helps eliminate overwhelm and helps her visually see the progress as she goes. 
  3. Tell someone. There truly is strength in numbers. If you decide to clean your kitchen, then set a timer and tell someone, either via text, call, or even social media. Accountability is a huge help! Post a before and after picture. Bringing someone into the process can help you feel supported and held accountable to getting the job done.

There are many other tips, but I want to encourage you to check out the resources at Hello Mornings website. Inside the community there are workshops as well as weekly productivity meetings where many of us meet up and log on together as we work separately on our various projects. It is a huge blessing and even fun. Try it out and join us! 

A few other things to help you on your productivity journey are things that might seem simple or obvious, but I have learned are so helpful and important. 

Prayer & Worship. Pray about your tasks ahead. Invite the Holy Spirit in to help you accomplish your goals, your to-do list or whatever you have looming over you. Worship as you go. I find that doing chores, working on projects, or organizing something goes by faster and I stay in a better mental place when I’m blasting worship music and connecting my mundane tasks with connection to the Father. Try it out! 

I hope these simple tips and tricks help you on your productivity journey. 

Shaina Weisgerber is a wife and mom from the Texas Panhandle. She enjoys spending time with her husband Nick and daughters Ava and Ana. She also loves singing, reading, cooking, writing and helping other women develop their relationship with Christ. Find her at Sycamore & Sparrow on Instragram and Facebook or check out her blog at www.sycamoresparrow.wordpress.com/blog 

Photo by Ralph Hutter on Unsplash


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