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Your Future Self vs Your Morning Routine

Sep 07, 2020

Do you have a future self? Not sure? Let me explain...

Ah…my future self...."Future Kat." She is amazing. I have an awfully high opinion of her. I seem to believe that she has much greater discipline, wisdom, self control and patience than this boring current version of my self.

So…Current Kat eats a few more cookies, confident that Future Kat will run a couple extra miles later.

Current Kat stays up late, sure that Future Kat will go to bed early tomorrow.

Current Kat scrolls Instagram first thing in the morning, "knowing" Future Kat will dive into Ecclesiastes once she's had some coffee.

The honest truth is...Future Kat is a flake. She is a mirage, a fairy tale. 

So I'm done putting my hope in Future Kat and I'm putting it all where it belongs...in Jesus. 

“Tomorrows freedom is today’s surrender…” – I love this line from the All Sons and Daughters song “Dawn to Dusk.” Such rich truth.

There are so many things vying for our attention each morning. But the only way we can really walk in freedom is to take time to surrender our hearts and minds and lives to Jesus each day. 

My Challenge To You:

So, even if it's 3pm as you read this, I challenge Current You to have a quick Morning Routine if you haven't had one today.

Try the 3-Minute Morning, or pray Psalm 23 or open the Bible app on your phone.

Pray for your neighbor or spend some time asking God what's on His heart for the rest of your day.

Do you ever find yourself putting too much stock in your future self? What is one area you want to start making changes today instead of tomorrow? Click reply and tell me.

Always cheering you on,

Kat Lee (the current one)


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