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Habit Help

May 08, 2023

This post is by Shaina Weisgerber.


Habits are the things that make our life. Good habits and bad habits alike. Whatever we allow to happen in our life on a consistent basis is what we are being made of. Think about it; day in and day out we make decisions that either fill us or deplete us. We over work or we stay sedentary. We over eat or we eat healthy. We consume too much media and technology or we read books, get outside and spend time with others in person.  Whether you struggle with biting your nails or drinking too much soda, we can find ourselves caught up in bad habits very easily, but creating and developing healthy habits takes intentionality and accountability. 

I love a planner, a to-do list, a journal, anything to keep me thinking that I am organized. I like to plan for meals, buy fresh produce, buy supplements & vitamins, keep my pretty water bottle full of ice water and close the exercise ring on my watch. All of these things make me very happy and proud of myself, but all of these things don’t actually make a difference for me unless I cook the healthy meals, take the vitamins, drink the water, do the exercise and do the work. 

I want to encourage you in a few things as you look into the work of habit building and habit keeping. Here are some tips that I have acquired over the years. 

  1. Find accountability. Bring your good friend, spouse or a coach around you to help you create and maintain habits. Don’t isolate yourself! Always bring in support when you’re creating habits! 
  2. Set small timelines to help you establish habits. Break up into days, weeks or months to really get into a rhythm. 
  3. There’s an app for that! Seriously, though. There are hundreds of reminder apps, health apps, trackers and educational apps that can help remind you to take those vitamins, track those miles, or encourage you to drink your water! Download one and see how it helps you! 
  4. Reward yourself! I am no stranger to a good bribe! If I work out every weekday for four weeks straight, I can go get a massage. 
  5. Pray & invite Christ into your journey. We can plan and work hard at healthy habits, but we know where our true help comes from! Pray for endurance, pray about what habits that you might need to implement, pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and lead you in your new habits. 
  6. Share your journey. So many times we find momentum and encouragement from sharing our hard work and healthy changes with others. You can share on social media, a group text of friends, your Bible study group, or coworkers. 

Healthy habits are important and they are attainable! If you are currently working on establishing any new habits I highly recommend the Hello Mornings Academy. Kat Lee has developed incredible content on habits, how to create them and how to maintain them! Become a member of the Academy and find accountability, community, trackers, journals, support, Bible studies, encouragement and love. You will have all the support, coaching and training you need to implement and maintain amazing habits! See you in the Academy! 

Shaina Weisgerber is a wife and mom from the Texas Panhandle. She enjoys spending time with her husband Nick and daughters Ava and Ana. She also loves singing, reading, cooking, writing and helping other women develop their relationship with Christ. Find her at Sycamore & Sparrow on Instragram and Facebook or check out her blog at www.sycamoresparrow.wordpress.com/blog

Photo by Prophsee Journals on Unsplash


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