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Our July Theme Is...

Jul 01, 2023

Welcome to July! I'd like to dedicate this month to Willis Carrier...the man who invented air conditioning...have you ever been to Texas in July? Yeah, July isn't my favorite. It's HOT here this time of year.

Joking aside, the beginning of a new month is always exciting here at Hello Mornings because I get to share the Monthly Theme with you!


I’m So Glad You’re Here

I love helping women grow. Based on over a decade of writing and coaching, I’ve created a 12-Month Curriculum to help you build habits in the areas of God Time, Plan Time and Move Time.

We dive deep on ONE theme per month and explore that theme in our podcast, emails, and more.

Month by month, we will grow together!


And the July Theme Is...

Our theme for July is Rest & Recovery!

Many of us “relax” but few of us truly rest. It seems counterintuitive, but we can practically eliminate procrastination, guilt and exhaustion by learning to truly rest.

This month, you'll learn the 7 different types of rest and identify the ones you need most to recover and thrive in your daily life.

How to get started with Rest & Recovery: 

We have some great resources to help you grow this month!

  1. Podcast -  
  2. Blog -  
  3. Instagram -  

If you want access to go even deeper with in-depth content, like our workshop, journal and daily podcast, you'll want to check out .

I'm so excited to grow alongside you this month! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for even more encouragement.

Cheering you on,

❤️ Kat Lee and the Hello Mornings Team

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