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Overwhelming vs Simple Morning Routines

Oct 05, 2020

The heart of HelloMornings is the concept that our God Time, Plan Time and Move Time all work together. 

**Here’s how it works: Start each day with God, plan the day prayerfully and move where He leads.**

And we can start with just 1-minute in each area: the 3-Minute Morning.

Instead of thinking that we somehow need to cram massive amounts of God Time, Plan Time and Move Time all into our already busy morning schedule we can build a morning routine that expands or contracts with our schedule and our season.

The beauty of this is that we never have to feel like we are sacrificing one area of our lives for another.

And we can consistently BUILD THE HABIT of all three in our lives because all three are important to us as believers.

Obviously spending time with God in Bible study and prayer is important, but the heart of the issue isn’t amount of time spent or number of verses read. The heart is “am I following where God is leading?”

To start each day with God AND plan our day around His purpose for us AND in order to have the energy to do whatever He has put before us, we need to move and make healthy choices so we have the energy to move.

Think of it like a motorcycle:

Our God Time is the engine that moves us, our Plan Time are the handlebars that get us where He wants us to go and our Move Time is the wheels that allow us to progress easily.

My hope is that this concept combined with understanding the power of habits will free you from feeling like you need to start by spending HOURS each morning. But instead simply think of it as a flexible morning routine that if well maintained will take you wherever you need to go.

Cheering you on,

Kat Lee


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