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Perfection vs Your Morning Routine

Jun 01, 2020

How much do you value perfection versus progress? It’s an obstacle I often see women face when shaping a morning routine in line with their deepest values. Pursuing God, living intentionally, and taking care of our health are all deeply important to us, and we don’t want to fall short. 

If our goal is perfection, we are setting ourselves up for discouragement and even failure.

Perfect is a mirage that is always just out of reach, leaving us more desperate than when we started. So what can we focus on instead of perfection?

Tactic #1: Baby steps are key. On the days when you don’t see how you can do a morning routine, make your baby steps ridiculously small. Read one verse. Check your phone’s calendar. Do one jumping jack. (yes, just one) Believe that God can handle your baby steps. He can turn your fish and loaves into something so much greater than you could ever dream up on your own.

Tactic #2: Give yourself grace. Grace for mistakes. Grace for failure. Grace for days when we just don’t want to get out of bed. It’s easy when building a habit to think we need willpower. Of course, this isn’t a free pass to not try or to be lazy. This is simply an opportunity to acknowledge our current state and give God the glory for taking the next step.

Training Strategy: Choose grace over perfection, and allow the slow, steady steps of progress to motivate you to be all God dreamed for you. That’s how we can confidently build a morning routine that can carry us through any storm and season.

Thanks for being the best part of Hello Mornings,

Kat Lee


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