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Sleep vs Your Morning Routine

move time Mar 02, 2020

I have been through stretching seasons-- periods of sleepless nights and long days. Maybe you’ve been there too. Maybe you’re there right now. When we have a big transition or just struggle to get consistent sleep and fulfilling rest, how do we maintain our morning routine?

Should you sacrifice sleep to get up several hours early? (making you feel more behind on the rest you desperately want)


Good news! The answer is a solid no. 

The key to building a morning routine is creating the habit. Even when we have those hard seasons or major shifts, keeping the consistent habit of starting your day with Jesus is more important than having an hour each morning for Bible study and prayer. 

And the habit won’t stick if you're not getting enough sleep.

If you are feeling down for the count with sleep and routine, start with the 3-Minute Morning.

Then take it slow and steady. Build your routine week-by-week and minute-by-minute. 

Opponent: Sleep Schedule/Feeling Tired
Tactic: Try the 3-Minute Morning
Training Strategy: Gradually back up your bedtime and wake time by a few minutes a week. Increase the time on your morning routine gradually. On the hard days, you can still do 3 minutes.

Thanks for being the best part of Hello Mornings,

Kat Lee



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