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Ten Tips for Successful Move-Time

Sep 26, 2022

This post is by Courtney Cohen.


For ten years, I have loved the simplicity of God-time, Plan-time, and Move-time that Hello Mornings emphasizes. My God-time has transformed across the years and life’s seasons. I’ve now settled into a rhythm I love and yet there are always opportunities to go deeper. Plan-time has always been easy for me – I love planning! I’m one of those people who has lists within my lists.

 But Move-time? Moving regularly has been a continuous struggle. Only in the past six or seven years has there been a sense of continuity and confidence in my Move-time. As you move along your journey (see what I did there?), I’d love to encourage you with ten practical tips:


  1.   Do what you enjoy! Movement as part of living putters out quickly when it’s a “have-to” rather than a “get-to.” If you’re bored, change things up or try something new.


  1.   Pair it with what you enjoy! I love listening to podcasts, so I toss in my ear buds during a walk or for a strength circuit. I may not love strength training, but I know its benefits. Pairing it with something I do enjoy makes the whole experience much more palatable.


  1.   Look for time pockets you already have. A little is better than nothing. You might be surprised when you break up bursts of movement throughout the day at how fast it adds up.


  1.   Set a goal and train towards it. In 2016, I trained for my first 5k. Using the Couch-to-5K app (which aptly described my present state) I went for it. Incremental goals can make all the difference as we get to celebrate little victories along the way.


  1.   Use a standing desk or an exercise ball. As a writer, editor, and homeschooling mama I’m at my computer a lot! Simple tools like these help me avoid too much inactive sitting.


  1.   Include (or exclude) others accordingly. Are you an introvert (like me) who prefers to work out alone? Or are you an extrovert who loves having community during exercise to keep you motivated?


  1.   Keep tools easily accessible. We store our dumbbells and my mat under the settee in our bedroom. My physical therapy bands rest in a cute basket on my dresser. My phone is loaded with apps, podcasts, music, and a timer. I’m not a fan of clutter, so it’s tempting to hide things away. But keeping tools within close reach removes one extra obstacle to getting started and keeps movement at the front of my mind.


  1.   Write down how you’ve moved. I heard this tip years ago and it’s served me well. I have a blank calendar pinned on the wall above my desk. Each day I get my favorite blue highlighter and write a big X if I’ve moved. Then I jot down how long and what I did. It’s a great visual tool that encourages me to keep going. Personally, I don’t like to see more than one blank box in a row, so it challenges me not to skip more than one day of movement.


  1.   Include four main elements: flexibility, strengthening, balance, and cardio. Remember, they don’t all have to happen the same day or last for long periods of time. Do squats while the water boils, stretches during commercial breaks, stand on one foot while you brush your teeth, and do jumping jacks with your kids. Or devote time each day to just one thing. (Remember tip #1: do what you enjoy!)


  1.   Respect your season (both in weather and in life) and adjust as needed! In the dead of winter, you won’t find me out on long walks, but I might do a kickboxing video indoors. When my children were tiny, I had to strategize: joining a gym with childcare, taking them in the stroller for my walks, getting up before they did, or working out while they were occupied with another activity. Now, with two teens and a preschooler, I have more freedom to exercise when I want. What season are you in?


Pick a tip or two and simply start somewhere. Count the victories, however small, and you’ll discover greater health and wellness as you care for God’s cherished temple.


 For Courtney Cohen, everything comes down to two questions: Who is God? And who has He designed us to be? Whether she’s writing, speaking, or homeschooling her children, these questions propel her forward. Author of multiple books including The Sacred Shadow and Refining Identity, Courtney passionately helps people encounter the reality and nearness of God in everyday life. Courtney is married to Steve, her most radical supporter, who also keeps her real. Together, they co-founded and serve at Now Found Ministries and Now Found Publishing. Living in Texas, Courtney and Steve have three children who, simultaneously, bless her socks off and keep her on her toes. Stay in touch with Courtney at NowFound.org.

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash



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