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The Life You Long For

Apr 04, 2022

This post is by Shaina Weisgerber.


I think at some point we all want to throw in the towel. We’re tired, stressed, undone and over it all. There are seasons that cause us to reevaluate everything we’re involved in and all the hats we wear. Whether you are knees deep in diapers, spit up and endless nights or, you’re grinding at a full-time job, momming so hard and barely have time to think; we all long for peace

You may recognize the name Christy Nockels. She and her husband Nathan were known as Watermark for many years and you can find her amazing worship leading on Passion albums, her own albums and many other worship compilations. She has led worship for over 20 years and so much of her music has been a balm to my soul. As a former worship pastor, I would draw wisdom and knowledge of skills from her years of leading. In her new book The Life You Long For, she describes how we can stop striving and performing. She explains how we can live from a heart of rest

In this book, Christy takes the time to help us unravel years of striving and hustling. She explains how even serving and ministering for God can overshadow simply delighting and enjoying God. 

Perhaps you are weary today. The to-do list is never ending, and you’re beginning to resent things like Bible Study, going to church, time with God, or serving. This can be a frustrating and dangerous place to be. This book has been so helpful to me in reminding me of my source. Nothing I do out of my own strength will last. If I desire to flourish and thrive, I must be firmly rooted in Him and His enoughness. He is able to equip me, strengthen me and fill me as I remain rooted and firm in Him. 

The way Christy relates to motherhood and wifehood, along with ministry and service is so helpful as well. She is genuine and honest when discussing topics such as value, identity and purpose. In this book, we are reminded that when you take away all of the hustle, bustle, full schedule, incredible opportunities, large stages, promotions, bank balances, and more, we all have value and purpose in our identity as the “beloved” of God. 

I hope you will pick up this book and allow it to help ease your striving today. If you want to go through the book with a group of other women, there is a video study with a workbook available at Right Now Media! The study has weekly videos, study guides and discussion questions to help you grow deeper together! Grace and peace! 

Shaina Weisgerber is a wife and mom from the Texas Panhandle. She enjoys spending time with her husband Nick and daughters Ava and Ana. She also loves singing, reading, cooking, writing and helping other women develop their relationship with Christ. Find her at Sycamore & Sparrow on Instragram and Facebook or check out her blog at 

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash



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