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Tip #10: Make an Investment

Feb 24, 2020

When I first set out to take this get-up-early thing seriously, it seemed as if my kids had signed up for the HelloMornings challenge, too!

I kid you not—the very week I started getting up BEFORE them, they started waking up EARLIER.

This was incredibly frustrating.

A friend suggested a special alarm clock to help keep my kids in bed while I was getting up. My first thought was, “no way I am going to spend $30 on a dumb clock!” But after a few more weeks of frustration—and failed attempts to keep my early risers in bed—I decided it would be a good investment.

$30 well spent.

Invest in tools that will help you succeed.

In that season of life, the clock was a tool used to help me connect with God in the mornings. You may not have kids, or yours may be grown to the stage where you are trying to get them out of bed in the mornings! Regardless of where you are, there will be challenges that arise.

We need to expect that these barriers will come. 'Cause they will. And when they do—and they begin to keep you from maximizing your early morning moments—be prepared to do something about it.

It may be a new study Bible because you are up and in the Word, but not quite sure what you are reading about. Or maybe you need a study basket, filled with a journal and some nice pens, because you (like me) fall asleep if you attempt to pray in your head. You might consider a fancy coffee maker with a timer, house slippers that reduce the noise your tip-toeing makes along the wood floors, or a workout video that fits into your routine (this one's on my wish list!)

I am certainly not telling you to blow your budget; but sometimes, when we want something bad enough we need to put our money where our mouth is and be willing to invest in the areas that need change. It may just involve sacrificing other things.

What are a few tools you've invested in? 

What barriers do you face in the morning, and what tool do you think might help you get past the hurdle? I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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