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Tip #4: Focus on Bedtime First

Dec 30, 2019

 There is an often neglected time of day each of us needs to take a good look at before we can serious about waking up earlier.


Becoming an early-riser will never be a reality if you do not go to bed earlier. You might be able to make it on fumes for a while but—sooner or later—you will run out of gas.

This getting-up-early thing is more than a line on your checklist. It is a lifestyle change and it is going to take sacrifice.

Sleep cannot be the thing you sacrifice.

You must go to bed earlier before you try to change much about your HelloMornings, and even when you do start to see progress in your morning wake-up time, you will always need to fight the battle of going to bed on time.

Or maybe that's just me, writing this post at 10:26 pm?

Tomorrow I will share an incredibly practical tip which will help us establish a good evening routine. But, today let's take a look back at our baby steps and see if we need to include something about bedtime!

Do you need to add something about bedtime in your HelloMorning goals or baby steps? What is something you may need to sacrifice, in order to make it to bed at a decent hour?


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