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Tip #6: Don't Linger

Jan 20, 2020

I'm in a deep sleep—happy in la-la land—and suddenly I hear the tone of my alarm calling me to the real world.

Is it time to get up already?!

As reality sets in that it is, indeed, time to wake up, I reach for my phone to silence the sound and face a decision.

To get up—or not.

It is in this pivotal moment I can use all the help I can get, so here is our next tip!

Don't linger.

Sit up, place your feet on the floor, and start walking!

It is hard to get out of bed, whether it is 5 AM or 8 AM, and every morning you will face that moment where everything in you is screaming, "Stay in bed!"

But, if you can get vertical as you reach for your alarm and keep the upward momentum going, a huge morning victory have been achieved!

I find that once I am past this difficult moment, I wake up fairly quickly if I am well-rested.

Coffee helps, too.

What goes through your head when the alarm sounds? Any tips of your own to share, that help you get out of bed?




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