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Summertime Gladness: How to build a fun (and structured) summer routine without sacrificing your morning time.

Jun 07, 2021

 This post is by Hannah Oxley.


After months of chilled fingers, red noses, and more recently, seasonal allergies, summer is almost here! As kids, there is nothing more exhilarating than the swift change that happens between the last...

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Practical Planning

May 31, 2021

This post is by Briane Kearns.

An honorable man makes honorable plans; his honorable character gives him security. (Isaiah 32:8 NET)

Have you ever seen a demonstration of how many balls can be placed into a big glass jar? First in are large tennis...

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“For I know the Plans I Have for You…..”

Apr 19, 2021

This post is by Briane Kearns.

Plans come in different shapes and sizes. To make plans and achieve them we need to break them down so that we have both a vision and a roadmap. I categorize plans into three types: Big Picture Plans, Incremental...

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On Planning, Connecting, and Offering Grace

Mar 29, 2021

This post is by Deb Alexander.

I’ve always been a planner. I used an assignment notebook years earlier than I actually needed to, simply because I loved making a check mark in the little box when I finished a homework assignment. These days,...

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Beauty from Ashes

Mar 22, 2021

This post is by Joanne Wu.

What were you doing around this time last year?  

Around this time last year, I was googling creative ways to celebrate Easter with my church community while we attended “church at home.”  My...

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Your Plans and God’s Plans

Mar 15, 2021

This post is by Briane Pittman Kearns.

There are many plans in a person’s mind, but it is the counsel of the LORD which will stand. (Proverbs 19:21 NET)

At Hello Mornings, we focus on God Time, Plan Time and Move Time. Today we will put two...

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Eyes Wide Shut--Leave the Planning to God

Mar 08, 2021

This post is by Kem Roper.

Over the course of my career, I’ve seen my fair share of struggling writers, and one thing I’ve noticed is that their struggles with writing are similar to my struggles with planning!


Our educational...

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I Tried To Plan With Broken Parts

Dec 31, 2020

This post is by Sabeth Kapahu. 


A recent “how was work?” conversation with my hubby got me thinking about the effectiveness of the parts of my life that give structure to my Plan Time. Let me explain.

My husband is a...

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Dedicating Your Plan Time to God

Dec 28, 2020

This post is by Jenn Kokal.

 After several days of pain, I finally felt great.

I woke up refreshed, ready to tackle everything I wasn’t able to do during the crippling migraine I had for nearly three days. I had been down for a while,...

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My Favorite Plan Time Tool

Dec 21, 2020

This post is by Gianna Kordatzky.


I am a bullet journaler.

I LOVE my bullet journal. 

I may or may not have multiple bullet journals for different aspects of my life, but the main one lives in my purse.

When I first learned about...

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