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Hello Mornings Habit #1: Where Do You Keep Your To Do List?

Jan 06, 2020

 Welcome to a new series of posts designed to encourage and equip you for amazing mornings.

Do you ever get information overwhelm? This blog series is here to help combat the overwhelm by breaking things down to one easy to implement habit a week. This week's habit comes from Jess Connolly, our podcast guest on episode 14:

Keep your To Do list with you during your God Time.

You might think you need to keep your time with God separate from your planning time, but if you feel yourself getting distracted by the day ahead or a task you don't want to forget, keep your To Do list handy and quickly write your thoughts down (or type them into your phone) so you can stay focused on prayer or scripture. If you feel like opening your calendar or notes app on your phone might distract you too much, just write it down on a post-it and add them to your phone later. This is such a great way to actually stay focused on your time with God and get rid of those nagging reminders that try to distract you. Want to learn more from Jess on how she structures her mornings? Listen to the episode here.

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Have a Hello Mornings Habit that works for you?

We'd love you to share them in the comments! That's it for this week. Try the habit on for size and we'll see you next week!


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