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Using the 3 Minute Morning Kit to Bring Purpose to Your Day and Relationship With Christ

Sep 06, 2021

This post is by Danielle Smith.


It’d be hard to overstate the difference that 3 Minute Mornings have made in my life. It’s been years since I first came across Kat Lee’s revolutionary plan for getting out of bed and getting on with your day, and I’d be lying if I said my practice has been consistent the whole time. Between an expanding family, a couple of cross-country relocations, and a sprinkling of global pandemic, it certainly hasn’t. But glory to God, isn’t that one of the most beautiful aspects of His faithfulness; that even when we’re not consistent with Him, He’s consistent with His love and care for us? His love and care for me has continually brought me back to 3 Minute Mornings, which is remarkably consistent in it’s own right. 

I recently downloaded the 3 Minute Morning Kit in an effort to revisit the program again. Fresh eyes provided me with fresh insight into why this system is such a game-changer. The Kit includes the first chapter of the Hello Mornings Book, a printable tracker, and a printable verse for daily reflection. If you’re not familiar with the concept of 3 Minute Mornings, the breakdown involves 3 dedicated times –– God time, plan time, and move time. At a minimum, we can accomplish this by praying the plan’s core scripture, Psalm 143:8, reviewing our calendar for the day, and taking 10 deep breaths. That’s it. That’s the plan. 

If you devote one minute to each of these 3 things, you’ve completed the plan, and your day will be better for having done so. One great bonus of the plan is its flexibility, so maybe you drink a glass of water or run through a yoga flow instead of doing breathwork. Maybe you devote more than a minute to each dedicated time, maybe you don’t, maybe it just depends on where you are mentally and spiritually that particular day. But you complete the system, the best you can, however you can, for a minimum of 3 minutes. The simplicity creates the space for the consistency we need to feel a sense of accomplishment and work towards a greater goal the next time. And all the while, we’re drawing nearer to the Lord. 

If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, the kit is available to download for free from the Resource Library over at the Hello Mornings community. Before you head over for your copy, here’s a small taste of what to expect.

Chapter 1 of the Hello Mornings Book

I’d done the 3 Minute Mornings plan, but hadn’t read Kat’s book before, so this was the piece of the kit that was the newest to me. Kat takes us on a brief journey of her life that beautifully illustrates how God puts all the pieces of the puzzle together for us behind the scenes, and truly causes all things to work together for our good, just like He promises in Romans 8:28. Her story reminds us that every little thing we do matters, no matter how inconsequential it may seem. Even when a simple choice here and there doesn’t have a huge impact on our day, in the aggregate, it’s the sum of those choices that determine who we are.

30 Day Challenge Printable Tracker

Intention, meet accountability! Post this month-long calendar somewhere unmissable, and mark off each day that you complete the plan. Keeping the tracker visible is super helpful for establishing follow-through, which is a hallmark of the program itself, so it functions as a sort of double-edged habit builder. God knows I needed that!

Printable Verse

If you’re not already acquainted with the wisdom contained in Psalm 143:8, you will be. I won’t spoil the plot, but I’ve found this verse to be one of the easiest to memorize, because it makes so much sense and encompasses so much of what my heart yearns to hear from the Lord when I wake up every day. Making it available for a quick glance served to reinforce the purpose of the plan and bring so much peace to my soul.

Hopefully, this brief review has gotten you excited about downloading this kit and supercharging your mornings with the leading of the Holy Spirit. This method has been both life-giving and life-changing for myself and countless other women. So head over to the Hello Mornings community and get started today!

Danielle Smith is a writer living with her three beautiful daughters, husband and labradoodle outside Philadelphia. She enjoys contributing to the Hello Mornings community, and being encouraged by its amazing network of God-fearing women.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash


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